4 Tips for Hiring a Corporate Event DJ or Host

Entertainment is the key to any lively event. And booking the right DJ for a corporate event can make the difference between an event to remember and one you’d rather forget. 

Before diving into entertainment research for your next corporate event, we’d like you to consider one universal piece of advice. Don’t hire a DJ with only wedding experience. The DJ at your cousin’s wedding might have been great, but it’s important to remember that DJ had the benefit of a festive crowd and familial love. 

Only an entertainer with experience working conferences, corporate galas, and office parties has that experience. These questions should help you determine whether the entertainer or company you’re considering is a viable choice. 

  1. How long have you been in the business? The caliber of experience between a professional DJ and someone who DJs in their spare time can sometimes be quite evident. While it’s ultimately your decision whether you’d like to give someone a chance, it’s best to know the DJ’s background ahead of time. 
  2. How many corporate events have you done this past year? And have you worked with my type of audience before? Every industry has their own specific style and lingo. An entertainer that’s experienced with a particular group may have a better rapport with the audience.  
  3. Can you provide other types of entertainment services for my event?  It’s always easier, and sometimes more cost effective, to bundle all your entertainment needs. EMG Entertainment Management, for example, offers several unique services, including event lighting and custom staging structure.
  4. Do you have liability insurance? Most venues will require this of all the vendors you contract. If the entertainment doesn’t have it, you should look elsewhere. 

Great entertainment should feel effortless. EMG Entertainment Management has the expertise to allow your employees, potential clients and executives to enjoy a top notch event. We continue to add the types of options, variations, and technologies that will make your corporate event a “can’t miss.”