Color, Rustic & Glam: Wedding Trends for 2014!

Color, Rustic & Glam: Wedding Trends for 2014!

It’s a new year and we’re all tuned into the latest trend alerts for 2014!

Check out these 10 things to look out for and even perhaps incorporate on your BIG day. Be the trend-setter for your event!

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1) The dream of the 90’s is alive

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have a pulse on what’s hot in the world of weddings. From oversized bouquets to jeweled necklines and even temporary tattoo wedding favors, here’s what you can expect to see this year.    

Knowing that the ready-to-wear fashion runways, home design trends and even Billboard’s “The Hot 100” music list all influence wedding trends, it may not be surprising to hear that ’90s-inspired details are on trend for weddings this year. We’re talking temporary tattoo wedding favors (get them at Tattly, The Knot Shop and even Etsy), hip hop music groups or even break dancers to entertain guests while the band or DJ takes a break, and crop-top wedding dresses (Haley Paige, Tara La Tour and Houghton all have them in their collections). Love the idea? Do it in small doses — unless of course you want your wedding to look like it was inspired by Celine Dion.


2) Woodland Weddings

The big wedding theme this year looks rustic and natural with sophisticated, glam accents. So maybe the centerpieces are branchy and green with lots of lush flowers and a pop of sparkle with a sequin or faux fur table overlay. For fashion, long wedding veils and gowns with ethereal lace and floral embellishments are romantic ideas. Your bridesmaids can echo the look with sparkly, mismatched dresses and loose braids in their hair. And don’t forget the flower girls: Flower crowns made out of branches and small dainty flowers are just right for your littlest attendants. Finally, finish your decor off with something really different like a tent (lit with twinkle lights) for the kids to play in or a fun animal motif printed on everything from the invites to the ceremony programs, escort cards and more.


3) Unplugged Weddings

Don’t like the idea of guests attached to their phones throughout the ceremony and reception? Opt for an unplugged wedding. Provide a phone check at the door (like a coat check), or add a note to your wedding website or ceremony program asking guests to refrain from taking photos or video. You can word it nicely — something like: “We want you to truly enjoy the ceremony and reception, so we ask that you please refrain from taking photos or video today and just have fun!”


4) Brights are back!

Gone are the days of all-white weddings. This year, big pops of bright hues are back for wedding color palettes. We’re not talking about a rainbow of color here. The idea is to take a neutral, muted palette, like whites, ivories and metallic gold, and add a bold color like poppy red, tangerine or indigo blue. How to pull it off? Infuse color only into those big details that everyone will see. Ask your florist to use a pop of color in all of your florals, have your cake baker create incredible colorful sugar flowers and choose a bright nail polish to match!


5) Jeweled Wedding Dress Necklines

The bridal fashion runways were full of simple, classic wedding dresses with added sparkle along the neckline — from sheer illusion necklines with small crystals to larger embroidered rhinestones and crystals, like these dresses from Hayley Paige, Yumi Katsura and Reem Acra . And when you think about it, most of your wedding photos will be taken of you from the waist up. So if you’re going to have something sparkly or unique, it’ll be best captured on the neckline or around the waist of your wedding dress!


6) Super-charged Guests

This is literally the opposite of the unplugged wedding. If you want your guests capturing your entire wedding day via your custom hashtag, ensure their phones stay charged all night with phone charging stations at the reception. To create a chic charging station (so that it doesn’t look like an airport kiosk), dress up tall cocktail tables with pretty linens and have your florist create small flatbeds of roses or wheatgrass with little flowers and cords popping up.


7) All-nighter Weddings

Like to party? Have a late-night after-party. This works well for weddings with a mixed guest list of elderly guests and families (who prefer to be in bed by 10 p.m.) and close friends and college buddies (who wouldn’t think of leaving until the last song). To pull off a smooth transition, plan to cut the cake, toss the bouquet and take care of all those special parent dances by 10 or 11 p.m. That’ll give your older guests the signal that it’s okay to leave and your friends a chance to cut loose. Change up the style and vibe too by moving the party into another room or even an alternate venue. (If your wedding was all white, create a red or blue lounge feel.) One big important to-do if you take this route: arrange for transportation home or back to the hotel, so that none of your guests drive home afterwards.


8) The year of the flower

While flowers tend to show up in 99 percent of weddings, this year, floral arrangements are getting a serious upgrade. We’re talking about an oversized cascade bridal bouquet, elaborate flower installations that hang over the dance floor or a few of the tables, fresh flower ceremony arches, cake canopies decked out with flowers, or even a fresh flower wall for escort cards and seating arrangements. It sounds pricey (and it definitely can be), but you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to get the look. Choose one big focal point or detail and then keep the rest of the flowers on the simpler side.


9) Long live the photo booth

Photo booths are nothing new for weddings. We’ve seen them evolve from vintage photo booths with monogrammed photo strips as favors to point and shoot booths that project guest photos in real time over the dance floor. Enter the slow-motion video booth. Using a special infrared camera, your videographer can set this up for you to create an amazing keepsake. Beyond the slow-motion trend, photo booths have gone even more custom and over-the-top. We know one planner who recently created a trampoline photo booth and a photo booth company in Austin that does booths with comic book sketches!


10) Trash-the-dress backlash

There’s a counter-revolution going on in wedding photography and videography. Instead of trash-the-dress sessions (where brides would spend a day with their photographer ruining their dress in the mud or a nearby lake), formal portraiture is back in style. The Southern bridal portrait tradition is going mainstream, as are formal bridal party portraits (say goodbye to the flying “V” photo) and family shots too (sometimes even sans smile!). Think of it as the ultimate nod to your great-grandparents’ generation, when photography wasn’t so instant and much more curated and traditional.


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