Trending: Naked Wedding Cakes

Nowadays, people are more interested in purchasing natural food products, but are people interested in a more natural look for their wedding cake? Well, yes they are! The latest trend to hit cake design are naked wedding cakes! Although the style can look stylish at any wedding, this is the perfect cake for couples who are looking for a unique option without all the fondant. For some soon to be newlyweds, less is more when it comes to their wedding cake. Take a look at these amazing cakes! The first two photos display the amazing work of Earth and Sugar for our clients Alexis & Abraham’s wedding that was held at the beautiful Villa Woodbine.

EMG_Andrade.Pulido_Earth and Sugar_6.28.14_1

EMG_Andrad.Pulido_Earth and Sugar_6.28.14


naked cake 5! (BLOG)

Naked Cake 1 (BLOG)




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