What’s Hot in Weddings for 2018

Every bride wants her wedding day to be as special as her relationship, which is why weddings seem to get every bride’s creative juices flowing. But if you don’t have the time or the energy to tap into your creative side, EMG has a pulse on what’s hot in the world of weddings. From rustic receptions to naked cakes, here’s what you can expect to see next year.


Rustic, barn weddings are as popular as ever. Ideas for a uniquely rustic wedding day include branches, burlap, lanterns, and nature-inspired décor.



When it comes to size, many couples are choosing to go small, wanting that personal, intimate feel to their wedding. While the average wedding used to be between 150-250 guests, couples are whittling their list down to between 75-125.



Wedding cakes are getting smaller, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t enough sweets to go around. While couples are opting to have smaller wedding cakes, they’re paired with other dessert options, like doughnut bars.



Gold and silver will always be classics, but 2018 will continue to see a focus on the warmer tones of metallics. The warmth of rose gold and copper continue to draw in couples. It offers a unique palette, and texture to the decor.



Hi-tech weddings are more prevalent than ever. After mastering the wedding web sites and LED wall displays, some couples are looking for new ways to spread their technical wings. And including a QR code in save-the-date and wedding invitations might be just the way. This special bar code can offer guests seating arrangements, links to the wedding webpage, the registries, even pre-wedding and on-day photos and video clips.


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