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World’s First Touchscreen DJ BoardEMG_Bonita Springs_2013_1

While it looks like something that would only be found in movies like Minority Report or Iron Man, this Touchscreen DJ Board is 100% REAL! The myth is true…no more Turntables or CD players; that’s now stuff from the past. The future is here!

Our signature Mixologist will play directly from this large piece of glass. Since it is 2-sided, your guests will be mesmerized watching as we mix right before their eyes! Additionally, we can write things on the board and even place your monogram or corporate logo on the screen! EMG is the only company in all of Florida to offer this unique product exclusively to wedding and corporate markets. We only have ONE of these, so availability is VERY limited.


Custom Staging Structures

Let us design, create, and build the focal point of your event out of trussing! Let us know the look and feel that you want to achieve and we will make it happen! Place our Music Mixologist, Conjunct, or LIVE Musician on a stage that will be sure to attract everyone to snap a couple of pictures to show to all their friends!

EMG StagingGuest of Honor Butler Service

This day is all about YOU! So spoil yourself silly and have someone at your beck and call for whatever your heart desires! Have one of our Signature Butlers cater to your every want during your entire event! You will be amazed at the 6-Star, VIP Service that you will receive at your own soiree!

Coming Soon…

  • High-Profile Event Security
  • Dedicated Guest Experience
  • Custom Specialty Drink Design
  • Crowd Control/Management