How It All Began

EMG- How it beganCombining the attention, personality, & style of a local independently owned small-business with the reliability, consistency and attentive service of a major entertainment corporation, EMG has redefined the luxury and personalized lifestyle entertainment experience.

It began with the recognition that there are individuals who seek a balance between elegance, professionalism, and havin’ a blast – in their own lives, and how they celebrate their life’s milestones. Each of our team members embodies this balance with a strikingly modern approach to entertainment that is as refreshing, exciting, and unique as one’s own personality. Our “secret sauce” is simply the emphasis on personalization, attentive service, and exceptionally talented musicians that are exclusive to our team.

The EMG lifestyle entertainment experience began when music enthusiast and young entrepreneur Javier Montes placed his first LP record on a turntable in April 1997. An instant phenomenon emerged. Montes’s style, passion, & dedication drove the development of more than a dozen new DJ’s that would soon dominate the special event entertainment industry in South Florida.