Luxurious Event Lighting

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In the last 5 years, the lighting industry has evolved at such a rapid pace that most companies have not been able to adapt to the changes and the newest technology available. EMG takes pride in having the most unique products available to “light-up” our clients’ events. Lighting décor can transform any ballroom into the heart-melting wonderland that will allow your guests to escape into the dream you have created for them to enjoy the evening, while taking them on a journey far away from the bustle of their everyday lives!

Computerized LED Uplighting

The foundation of all lighting design begins with choosing the color of the canvas that we will be working with. Our LED uplights will “paint” the walls of the venue with the color of your choice. Can’t decide on one color? Not a problem, we can change the colors throughout the night at your desired interval. In addition, our lights also have the capability to “dance” to the beat of the music once the
party begins!

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Mini Spots

If attracting attention to your beautiful centerpieces is on your mind, then these mini spotlights are your next addition. With just the right amount of concentrated light, your gorgeous centerpieces will glow throughout the room. These lights are also commonly used to accent the head table and/or the cake.

High Power Movers

These are the guys that always steal the show! They have an unlimited amount of functions, from changing colors, alternating patterns, ranging intensity levels, etc. At first, they are usually used as wash lights to create a more dramatic lighting experience; but later, they become the life of the party by working in unison with one another and creating effects that go with the beat of the music! These movers can also be used to spotlight your first dance, your grand entrance, a guest speaker, etc. These little robots are usually placed-on or hung-from truss towers (that can be wrapped in spandex, or left bare for 2 different looks).


Name in Lights

Have your name, initials/monogram, slogan, or company logo projected through our High-Power Lighting fixtures and onto any wall, flooring, or event at the bottom of a pool! All of our designs are custom made ONLY for your event, so there is no limit in what can be projected. Fonts, styles, placement, borders, graphics are all fully customizable. Send us your design and we will make it appear in LIGHTS!

Area Lighting

Is there an area in your event that will be too dark for your guests to enjoy? Our modern area lighting is your answer! With a 5 foot diameter, and being raised up to 16 feet in the air, our giant moon balloon can provide indirect light for an area of up to 16,000 square feet! This light is set on a dimmer, so that we may adjust the lighting intensity to your liking with just the simple turn of a knob.

Area Wash Lighting

Is there an area of your event that you want to paint with a particular color? Wash lighting is similar to area lighting, except it is usually used with a certain color and the light is directed at a particular direction. For example, lighting up a lounge area in blue for the guys and pink for the girls, or lighting the entire outside pool area for guests to know that they can enjoy the event around the pool as well! Wash lights can be offered in solid colors, break-up patterns, and even custom patterns.

Dancing Under the Stars

Light up the entire ceiling of any room as if it were a night sky! This effect is one of our most unique products. We can regulate the amount of blue clouds that are moving across the ceiling, or eliminate them all together. Since a portion of this effect works with laser technology, the “stars” actually move very slowly, just like a real night sky!

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Laser Lights

While you probably have an idea of what a laser light can do, laser technology now allows us to do so much more than you can imagine. From a simple laser light show during your party, to a complete laser light show that is set to music, and now, we can even have scrolling words with lasers or even make your logo out of lasers! Lasers now come in multiple colors. This is perfect to create the night-club feel and highly requested for corporate functions.