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Quick Answers to some of our most frequesntly asked questions can be found below. If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, HAVE US CALL YOU…..or we can email you… just let us know which method you’d prefer.

Quick Answers(QA) to FAQ’s

Are you insured?

QA: Yes.

While any smart business will deem it a requirement to have some sort of business insurance, in our industry, it is a requirement to be able to perform at most venues. As a preferred vendor at most of South Florida’s most luxurious venues, we carry a $2,000,000 insurance policy that is sure to meet all the requirements of the most discerning venues. At the venue’s request, the venue can be added as an additional insured to our policy by simply providing the exact verbiage of how they would like to be listed on our policy for your special event.

How do I reserve your services for my event?

QA: THREE Easy Steps.

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Step 1: Schedule an event evaluation with one of our Event Designers at our office.

Step 2: If we determine that our services are a match for your event, we will provide you with an exact price quote customized with the recommended services for your event.

Step 3: Sign a reservation agreement and pay the required deposit to lock in your event on our calendar.

If I live too far, how can I have my Event Evaluation?

QA: Phone or Skype.

While it is always BEST if we hold the event evaluation at our office, we understand that sometimes it may be very difficult to accommodate that. In these cases, we can coordinate a phone or Skype conference. The client should expect the event evaluation to take about 45 minutes and must have internet access during the evaluation. Without a proper event evaluation, it is impossible for our Event Designers to provide you with an exact price quote for your event.

How much do you charge?

QA: Not Enough.

While we are definitely not going to be the cheapest entertainment that you are going to find, our clients have been quoted saying, “If I would have known how AMAZING your team was going to be at my event, I would have easily paid you DOUBLE what you charge!” The fact of the matter is that we wholeheartedly enjoy what we do! We want to bring our talents ONLY to the clients who truly appreciate our passion and dedication to their special event. Our team gives 110% to your event…we don’t know how to give any less. We LOVE what we do and it clearly shows at each performance!

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How far in advance do I need to reserve your services?

QA: Varies on Availability.

Since our company does NOT subcontract any of our artists, there are many dates throughout the year that SELL OUT. Technically, you can reserve our services at any time, as long as your event date is not SOLD OUT. Before scheduling your event evaluation, please contact our office to make sure that your event date is not sold out. While we do plenty events from one week to the next, we typically recommend to reserve our services at least 6 months prior to your event date.

Can you perform outside of South Florida?

QA: Yes.

We LOVE to travel!!! Our pricing is NOT higher to perform in other cities. All you would have to do is get us (and our equipment) a ride there and back, feed us, and get us a place to sleep comfortably while we are in town. Provide us with those 3, and we will call it even! If your location is on our BUCKET LIST, you may even be entitled to receive special incentives. *Note: Some of our artists do have a rider with special requirements for all their performances that must be adhered to. These riders are provided to you prior to contracting the artist.