Dora Sasu

Business Development Manager
Dora Sasu

Under the Spotlight

  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Favorite artist/musician: Brian Adams
  • Birthday: December 14th
  • Favorite food: Sushi
  • Quote you live by: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford


Born and raised in Romania, Dora had always dreamed of living in a vibrant place with warm weather all year round, surrounded by palm trees and beaches. Her dream became real at 22, right after earning her degree in Business Administration, when she decided to move to Miami to ‘explore’ a whole new world of adventures and exciting experiences. Her passion for music is rooted in childhood, when she used to attend her uncle’s band’s live performances at numerous events. ‘Music always brought the entire family together, it was almost a ritual to go see these shows and my uncle was such an inspiration to me! He was the embodiment of passion, freedom and dreams come true’. Although she never played any instruments, her artistic side was reflected in visual arts, like painting, drawing and clothing design, which occupy most of her free time.