Javier Montes

Celebrity Event Host
Javier Montes

Under the Spotlight

  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Favorite artist/musician: LL Cool J
  • Birthday: April 18th
  • Favorite food: Pizza & French Fries (together!)
  • Quote you live by: “I am a firm believer in luck. I have found that the harder I work, the more of it I have.” – Thomas Jefferson


Javier Montes is a celebrity host and event personality. Javier’s enthusiasm and linguistic abilities have made him one of the top hosts/master of ceremonies in the entire country. Javier has hosted over 5,000 events; from corporate events, weddings, radio, private celebrity events and galas, to large international productions with television networks and large hoteliers. Javier’s charismatic nature, enthusiasm, professionalism and natural ability to engage his audience have created a foundation to be the dynamic powerhouse anchor that brings any event to life. Currently, you can catch Javier in action on David Tutera’s “Dream Bigger Tour” & “My Fair Wedding” on WeTV or you can tune in every Saturday to Univision’s “Sabado Gigante” to see his TV personality, “DJ Jey”, as the shows exclusive DJ & co-host. “I place my heart and soul in everything I do. I understand my role in the events I accept to perform at and try to engage everyone in a unique and entertaining manner. I wholeheartedly enjoy what I do – and it shows! Everyone is born with an objective; I know I was born to do this. There is something insanely magical about using the talents that God has given me, to bring to fruition the dreams that my clients have for one of the most important days in their lives!”

Meet Javier Montes – Celebrity Event Host from EMG Artists on Vimeo.