Music Mixologist

Under the Spotlight

  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Favorite artist/musician: Michael Jackson
  • Birthday: July 16th
  • Favorite food: Filet Mignon & Lobster Tails
  • Quote you live by: “The perception of life is unique to every being, the sound of music is what drives the soul and moves the body.”- Kenny Amaya


Kenny, sometimes known as “The Voice”, is an American DJ & music producer. He was EMG’s “Most Requested Performer” in 2012 and also won the “Artist Core Value Award.” After listening to old vinyl records and watching parties on MTV as a 12 year old, he was inspired to get involved in entertainment. In 2005, he began to establish himself as a local DJ in Miami. Attending Ferguson High, he would cover most of the school’s events and soon began playing sets at house parties. Breaking into the music scene in 2006, Kenny was one of the youngest DJ’s to play at top South Beach night clubs alongside world renowned producers. In the same year, he was introduced into the radio industry, yielding opportunities to play at events with South Florida’s top on-air personalities. He has had the pleasure of meeting various celebrities through his work in music and they have been influential in his popular sounds. Kenny has also been gifted a voice that has been heard through various movie preview trailers and radio ads, which is why people know him as “The Voice.”

DJ Kenny House EMG Mix from EMG Artists on Vimeo.

DJ Kenny Salsa EMG Mix from EMG Artists on Vimeo.