Our Fabulous 2013 Battle of the Brides Winners!

There is no better feeling than knowing that you have helped create the BEST day of someone’s life.
Seeing a newlywed couple completely fulfilled and with big smiles really makes all the hard work worth it. EMG is determined to deliver excellent service with exceptional entertainment. Because of this, we feel overwhelmed with joy whenever we hear praises from our clients.

Our customer’s comments and feedback mean a lot to us. With this said, we are pleased to display a thoughtful letter written to us by our 2013 Battle of the Brides grand prize winners, Lani & Rick. EMG’s Battle of the Brides is a fun contest that offers three future wives the chance to win luxury entertainment for their unforgettable wedding. We are so content that the couple received just what they wanted and needed for their event. There are NO words that can describe how pleased we are of having the chance to be part of that amazing day in their life. We can’t wait to start our 2014 Battle of the Brides contest coming up at the end of September. We are too enthusiastic to see who the lucky winners are this year!!

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