7 Questions that You and Your Partner Should Agree Upon Before Tying the Knot.

Many people believe that getting engaged means getting ready for the picture perfect wedding. Even though having your dream wedding is definitely on the top of the “to do list” when getting engaged, there are a few things you should talk about with your soon to be hubby in order to achieve a successful marriage. As a matter of fact, these subjects should have been talked about before getting engaged! Nevertheless, there are questions that should be discussed and answered before tying the knot. Most couples fail to do so and, unfortunately, end up having conflict about important issues later on in their marriage. Of course, no one wants to set themselves for failure so lets examine 7 essential questions that should be discoursed before the big love commitment.

1)      Are you both on the same track when it comes to aspirations and monetary obligations? This is very important because most of the important discussions/arguments are in concern to this subject. Not only is it essential to figure out a happy medium when it comes to goals and financial obligations, but talking about it will also be a good opportunity to experience your partner’s attitude when it comes to these topics.

2)      Do you both want children in the future? If so, how many? A lot of couples tend to make the mistake of not discussing this topic because they don’t necessarily desire a family in the near future. However, if having a family is important to you, you better have a serious conversation about it. There is a change that the topic can be a little uncomfortable to discuss but it is definitely better to be on the same page when it comes to building a family together.

3)      What will happen if one of you gets a job in a far-away location? Failing to have this discussion is a common mistake in couples. It is better to think ahead than to have conflict with such an important matter in the future.

4)      Dream home or travel? Some people want to have their dream house and others want to travel the world. Having your ideal home requires a lot of maintenance which can be difficult if you are planning on traveling frequently. Unless time and money is not a problem, you will need to decide which one you desire the most.

5)      How are you both going to make time for each other? With the fast-paced life we are living nowadays, it is vital to make time for some alone time. This might sound simple or even unnecessary but trust me it is something to talk about. A simple date once a week will do the trick. Just agree on a specific day of the week in order to make it your standard “date night/day” that should not be canceled unless absolutely necessary.

6)      Do both of you agree on how to spend equal time with each other’s family? This might not be a problem that comes up often but there are certain times of the year where being with the family is important. The ideal scenario would be to have both families together during a special occasion but this might not always be the case.  Because of this, talk about how are you both going to divide family time fairly

7)      Do you both have the same viewpoint when it comes to a marriage? Having the same point of view when it comes to marriage is a key tool for a successful matrimony. Is divorce an option? Is a marriage worth fighting for? Are you willing to contribute 100% in a difficult situation in order to make it last? Do you believe in death do us part? The answers to these questions say a lot about a person’s perspective when it comes to marriage. Make sure you both have the same thoughts and desires  when it comes to marriage.


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