How to Create the Perfect Marriage Proposal

Marriage proposals are known to be one of the most breath-taking experiences a couple can have together. It’s a tradition that has remained alive for decades and that is still going strong. Even though the desire to commit to a marriage seems to diminish with time, those couples that still believe in the love of a marriage are trying to outdo themselves with their wedding proposals. It has become more than just an act of affection; it has become a performance of love.

However, creating the perfect proposal for your future to be spouse can be more challenging than expected.  There are many factors to consider in order to create that unforgettable event. There are 10 things you should have in mind when you’re visualizing and planning your marriage proposal.

  1. Decide on the mood that you will want to create for that special moment. Do you want to reminisce, look into the future, or do you want to have a spontaneous proposal?
  2. Have at least two to three sentences ready before the big questions. Building up the mood is very important and will bring that special magic to the proposal.
  3. Figure out if your partner wants an intimate wedding proposal or a huge announcement in front of the family or love ones.
  4. Have an idea of how you will react or say when he or she says yes. Believe me, it is easy to freeze after the proposal. Just be prepared.
  5. Try to figure out if your future spouse wants to have photos or a video to remember the event. It is a cute touch that shows how much you care.
  6. Do drop on one knee if you can. It is a tradition that never gets old.
  7. Plan a post-proposal event or activity. Don’t let the fun end after the big question!
  8. Don’t forget to ask her father’s blessing or any other love one for the proposal. It’s a simple gesture that demonstrates that you don’t only care about him or her, but also about the people they love.
  9. DON’T forget to have a ring that your future spouse will LOVE! In a way, it shows how much you know them.
  10. Last but not least, always remember to focus on the big and romantic moment. Don’t let all these tips overwhelm you. It is only a guide because at the end of the day the only thing that is essential to the proposal is your everlasting love for each other.

This is an event that will be told over and over and over again to everybody so make it good! Make sure to create the proposal that is right for you and the person you love. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun with it!

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